It's Time For Your Company To Have It's Own Radio Network

There are few things more annoying than being forced to listen to horrible music. Unfortunately many stores & restaurants are playing local radio stations or satellite radio that often feature “less than desirable” music.  

What Makes Us Different From Everyone Else?
Each station we create is unique, depending on the needs of our clients.  Your station will not sound like a "music service", it will sound like a professional radio station complete with station ID's, messaging and more.

How Our System Works:
We have a dedicated server on a secure site that broadcasts your station(s).
We create a website and place your radio station(s) on the site. You simply have to go to the website and 
click the play button.  Here's are few of our players. Click play to hear some tunes (use google chrome or firefox browser)

The Music:
We don't offer 25 different genres of music, we only focus on the most popular music of all time. Our music is a collection of the top 2,000 hits from 1970 –2018.  We carefully select music that is family friendly, not too heavy, not too sleepy and absolutely no Rap or Hip Hop.  Each song has been digitally re-mastered to insure minimum volume fluctuations. Our most popular genres are  Oldies, Light Rock & Country.

You Save Money:
We are official Socan Licensed Music Providers, we pay your music royalty fees for you. 
Because we are official suppliers we pay a far less rate than you would, the end result, you get your own radio network and pay less than you would have to pay for licensing fees. 

As part of your package we will produce up to 20 messages per month at no additional charge. Normally the messages are 15 or 30 seconds in length. If a longer message is required, this is not a problem. We will write and produce the messages so that they are ready for broadcast. We will email the finished product back to your team for authorization.

We ask that you provide us with script information 3 business days in advance. 
You do not need to write a script, give us the information you would like conveyed to the listeners and we will take it from there. (Samples included)

​Additional information regarding packages, pricing and plans can be obtained by calling us directly,                          (250) 202-9244.
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